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Points to Think About When Buying Horse Properties in South Carolina

Unlike buying a home or a property, when it comes to buying an equestrian property to raise horses, the whole concept is something entirely different, especially in South Carolina in the United States of America. Here horse properties are available from a small 2–1/2 acre farm to one with hundreds of acres. Along with the land and the house, there are also numerous other additions that come with the property i.e., horse stalls, barns, tack rooms, grooms quarters, food storage, equipment rooms, workshops, etc.

Online Website

The best avenue open to a prospective client wishing to buy a horse property in South Carolina would be to use the services of an agency that deals with buyers and sellers of equine properties in South Carolina as well as other cities in the USA. Depending on the different horse property companies in the USA and the number of branches and staff, they will be able to short list properties based on individual requirements and budgets. They also have the capability to list equine properties along with photos and descriptions of the properties for sellers and buyers on their comprehensive online website, which would give prospective clients an idea of what to expect. Prices of properties range from US$ 15,000 per acre upwards; prices depend on the kind of property available, what it includes, facilities, and how big they are.

Self-Care Board

For horse lovers who have just one or two horses, the cost of looking after, caring, and boarding the animals could become very expensive and varies from stable to stable. The proximity of the location of the property to the town or city plays a big part. The cost of horse stables rentals goes up higher for stables situated closer to the city while those situated in the countryside are relatively cheaper. Besides location, there are other factors which govern the charges for looking after horses in these stables. These include the different facilities provided for the horses; like having well-equipped barns and stalls, riding arenas, water and food dispensers, wash racks, riding trails and grooming services. In these cases, the services of a veterinarian is extra, and the more services requested, the cost of boarding the horse goes up.

Added Value Services

For owners who would like to take care of the horse themselves, horse stables rentals will be much less, as it will only include the boarding fees and fencing, but the full responsibility of taking care of the horse rests on the owners. In this case, the owners have to arrange for food, cleaning of the stalls, and veterinarian checks; water is usually covered in the rental charges. For those who can afford full board, the cost covers feed, water, cleaning of stalls, exercising, and protected suitably from adverse weather conditions. Veterinarian and farrier visits are arranged by the stable owners. Based on services, prices to stable a horse could run up to US$1000 a month, but checking around with other stable owners in the area would be worthwhile.


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